1. A servant
  2. Used as a slang for a rogue or a scoundrel
  3. Used in medieval times as a youth acting as a knight"s attendant at the begining of his training for knighthood

6 letters in word "varlet": A E L R T V.

Anagrams of varlet:

Words found within varlet:

ae al ale alert alt alter ar are aret arle art artel at ate ave aver avert ea ear earl eat el elt er era et eta la laer lar lare lat late later lav lave laver lea lear leat let lev leva rale rat rate ratel rave ravel re real ret rev ta tae tael tale taler tar tare tav taver te tea teal tear tel tela trave vae vale valet var vare vat veal vela velar vera vert vet

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